Department of Political Science


Dr J-P Salter

J-P Salter
Lecturer (Teaching) in Public Policy
G04, 36-38 Gordon Sq.
Email: john-paul.salter@ucl.ac.uk



My undergraduate degree was in modern history, after which I spent a number of years working in the financial sector. I left the City shortly after the financial crisis, completed my PhD at SPP in 2015, and later re-joined the department as a teaching fellow.


My main research interests are in regulatory politics, with two overlapping strands. First, I am interested in the interface between market actors (and, more recently, civil society) and policy makers: I look at how lobbyists craft and deliver evidence to shape policy-making processes (thus, in whose interests regulations are made, and following which priorities), and how regulations then function in practice. Second, I am interested in the design and everyday work of regulatory institutions: their formal and functional independence; their ability to accumulate knowledge; and so on.

My main empirical focus is on financial regulation, at both the nation-state and the European level.

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  • I currently teach a postgraduate module on Agenda Setting (PUBL0027), and undergraduate modules on Policy Making (POLS0082) and Policy and Politics in Practice (POLS0064).
  • I supervise dissertations on most aspects of public policy.