Module Information for Undergraduates

In addition to the module syllabi listed here, please also see the Module Pathways webpage (accessible version), which shows all mathematics honours modules within subject areas, and how they depend on each other in terms of prerequisite study. Please note that the module information displayed on these pages is only provisional and may be subject to change. Not all modules may be offered in all years. Timetabling information, including clashes, may be found on the Common Timetable: https://timetable.ucl.ac.uk/tt/createCustomTimet.do

A list of the current office hours for this term can be found linked below. If students are unable to attend the scheduled office hour, they are advised to contact the staff member to arrange a suitable alternative meeting time. Similarly, members of staff who do not have scheduled office hours in the current term are able to meet with students by appointment. Contact details and office locations for all members of staff can be found here.

Mathematics Honours Year 1

Mathematics Honours Year 2

Mathematics Honours Year 3

Mathematics Honours Year 4

General Ancillary Courses

Please also refer to the information for students from other departments.