Degree Structures and Options

This page provides general information on degrees, specific information about degree structures and the option choices.

Please follow the links below for:

  • General Rules for Degrees - General information regarding credits, levels, modules, progression to the next year, and the BSc/MSci degree courses
  • Specific Degree Structures - Information regarding the compulsory modules you will take and the optional modules available to you on your specific degree programme
  • Module List and Syllabi - A full list of the modules offered in the department and their detailed syllabus
  • Module Pathways Map - A graphical map of modules grouped by subject area, showing the pathways of pre-requisite study
  • Undergraduate Mathematics Options - Information regarding module registration for optional modules
  • Year 4 Project - Details for MSci students regarding the MATH0084 Project taken in Year 4.
  • Outside Options - Information regarding the selection of non-mathematics modules