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Zoom allows you to collaborate through online video meetings.


Zoom auto-ingestion change for Lecturecast on Friday 4 August 2023

From Friday 4 August 2023 Zoom recordings will no longer be automatically copied to Lecturecast.

Please see the guidance for staff to opt-in to Lecturecast auto-ingestion

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Zoom is a video conferencing tool which allows you to create and hold online video meetings with the capability to share screens, collaborate and breakout your meeting into smaller groups.

A Zoom enterprise licence has been purchased for UCL to support learning and teaching during COVID-19 and for some specific use cases. The ISD recommended tool for online meeting and staff collaboration in most circumstances remains Microsoft Teams.

Over the past year it is noted that Microsoft Teams is being updated regularly and contains functionality for breakout rooms and up to 49 video feeds in a meeting, along with many other features found in similar tools. 

See below for information on choosing the correct tool for your needs and further information on how to use Zoom.

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