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Sharing a recording from Zoom

This guide explains how to share a recording from Zoom

This guide is aimed at

  • Staff


  1. Navigate to the UCL Zoom home page
  2. On your profile page select Recordings from the left hand menu
  3. Choose the recording that you want to share and click the Share button on the right hand side
  4. There are two options for who the recording can be shared with: UCL Zoom users only or Anyone with a Zoom account. Both of these options mean that the user will need to sign in to Zoom before they are able to access the recording.

You have other options to consider when sharing your recording. You could:

  • add an expiry date if you wish the recording to be available for a limited time only
  • allow download - if you enable this option users can keep a copy of the recording which you will have no control over. This option should therefore be used with caution.
  • require registration - which means that users will need to register before they can view the recording. This allows you to monitor who has accessed the recording.
  • set a password to access the recording. This option is set to on by default and gives additional security to your recording.

Once you have selected the required options you can copy the sharing link information to share with your audience.

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