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Network/Power outage in Cruciform building 18/4/2015

 We currently have a power outage in the Cruciform building which is affecting the network. Desktop services in the Cruciform Library are unavailable and this may continue until Monday. We will update here if there is any change to this situation.

Call for applications to be installed on Desktop@UCL and Desktop@UCL Anywhere for teaching in 2015/16

Please submit your requests for applications to be installed, or upgraded, on Desktop@UCL and Desktop@UCL Anywhere for teaching in 2015/16 by completing our web form before Friday 1st May 2015. If you don’t tell us what applications you need by 1st May, there is a risk we may not be able to have your application ready for the start of term.
If you know you require an application for Term 2 in 2015/16, but have not yet finalised your choice of application or specific version, please, still inform us of this by the 1st May, so that we can plan our resources accordingly. There is a  deadline of Oct 1st for finalising the details of requests for Term 2.

You can find a list of applications currently available on our website http://swdb.ucl.ac.uk/?filter=DesktopPC

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