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Websites, Apps & Databases

Find out about the advice and assistance available to enable you to optimise your UCL website. Enable sharing and collaboration by using wikis and blogs, and download UCL's mobile app for students. Also, learn about and get help with the MySQL database service.

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Get help with Drupal


UCL staff only: request a new website

Change your MySQL password


Explore Websites, Apps & Databases

Website building service

Discover how Digital Presence can help you with your UCL website. 

Request a new website

Discover how to request a new UCL branded website on Drupal, the university's content management system. Also, find out more about applying for a departmental web space for non Drupal websites and the process for non-UCL branded websites.

Drupal CMS

Find out about UCL's centrally-supported content management system (CMS) built in Drupal 7.

Creating accessible content 

Find out more about creating accessible online content for a range of media including presentations and Moodle.

Drupal how to guides

Browse through our guides to find out everything from requesting access to Drupal, to creating news feeds and more.

Blogs & Wikis

Use the UCL's blog and wiki service to share your research, documentation etc.


Download the UCLGo mobile app for students to get access to campus maps, library loans, your timetable and much more.

MySQL databases

Create, administer and get assistance with your MySQL database.

Personal Web pages at UCL

Create personal web pages at UCL for staff and students. There is no support available.