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Drupal training and support

Drupal training and content resources

We now have a Drupal Content Resources site on Teams. This includes our essential and advanced training in video format as well as the inclusive content training. 

The essential training covers:

  • the CMS interface​
  • roles and permissions 
  • creating different content types and publishing
  • adding pages to and editing the menu​
  • the text editor, formatting and links and adding images and files​
  • password protection​
  • dynamic content – tagging and feeds​

The advanced training covers:

  • optimising landing pages​
  • dynamic content – getting the most from tagging and feeds​
  • web best practice and compliance​
  • images: legal requirements ​
  • web Accessibility​, CMA guidance and copyright 
  • writing for the web​
  • GDPR considerations​
  • SEO and web writing​
  • user experience​

Editors who need to be trained in the essential or advanced elements of Drupal or want to refresh their knowledge can complete this training in their own time through our video capture of a Teams training session. You can also follow along with the videos on the Drupal Training site to complete the practical exercises. 

Don’t forget to fill out the feedback form on the Teams site after you finish the training, This will help us to make improvements to the site and offer the best training resources possible.

Inclusive content training

The inclusive content training focuses on web accessibility and quality assurance and how to ensure your content is compliant with accessibility requirements. 

The training covers:

  • web accessibility and its importance
  • current issues on UCL websites 
  • how to address accessibility and quality assurance issues on your site 
  • how to create inclusive content with quality and readability in mind

Join the Team

    Drupal drop-in sessions

    Drupal drop-in sessions allow Drupal site editors to get answers to existing website-related queries and discuss these with the Digital Experience Team and other Drupal editors.

    The drop-in sessions will be running once a month on Tuesday's from 1.30pm. The first session will be on 5 April. You can now use our booking form to book your place for the sessions. 

    Book your place on a Drupal drop-in session

    Drupal how-to guides

    You may also find our Drupal how-to guides helpful. These cover most topics and tasks step by step to help you to edit and create new content.

    View the full list of Drupal how-to guides