Information Services Division


Website Building Service

The website building service managed by Digital Experience provides a central web content management system (CMS) for UCL departments requiring a UCL-branded website on the www.ucl.ac.uk domain.

Why use the service? 

All UCL departments or initiatives requiring a branded site on www.ucl.ac.uk should use the website building service to meet their external digital communication needs.

Benefits of the Drupal CMS

The Drupal CMS is designed to meet the needs of web editors while ensuring that UCL websites are accessible, usable and reflect the UCL brand. Hosting, maintenance and security updates are included and new features and functionality are released regularly.

Support from the Digital Presence team includes:

  • Developing, supporting and maintaining the Drupal CMS
  • Providing access, editor support and CMS training 
  • Management of the UCL online brand and Indigo design framework 
  • Content strategy and user experience support 
  • Information architecture development 
  • User research and testing 
  • Search Engine Optimisation advice and support 
  • Website analytics advice and support 
  • Domain name and URL advice and management

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Who can use the service? 

Staff at UCL who wish to use the central CMS for their main organisational unit website can use the website building service. 

The website building and management service does not include: 

  • Development or maintenance of websites which do not use UCL branding and are not on the ucl.ac.uk domain 
  • Support for other web technologies than the central CMS 
  • Support or hosting of personal websites  

Need a non-branded website?

Colleagues requiring a non-branded non-UCL domain site or with different technology requirements will need to engage external suppliers of web services.  

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