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We are now in the final year of a four-year project to replace the end-of-life Silva Content Management System with a more robust, flexible and scalable product built in Drupal which is tailored to UCL needs.

Visit our project page for background information on Drupal, its benefits and why we are replacing the current CMS:

Moving all Silva sites to Drupal

From October 2017, Digital Presence will focus on migrating the rest of UCL's Silva sites to Drupal. The Digital Presence team will use the policy on prioritising projects (pdf) to plan development and migration. The readiness of editors to move is also an important factor. 

Our Migration Team will be in touch to schedule the migration window so please wait to hear from them. 

Full details of the migration process and what web editors need to do are on the Drupal migrations page:

Service transition

We will continue to support and maintain Silva, and provide training for new editors, for existing Silva sites until all sites are migrated to Drupal. However, we will not be doing any further web development or new sites in Silva.

If you wish to move to Indigo so your site works on all devices, please visit our Indigo page to find out more about the benefits of Indigo and book your move:

Indigo Silva

Drupal features and FAQs

Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. Full details of Drupal functionality and our feature roadmap are on the features page:

Drupal features

Will there be training for Drupal?
I have a non-standard site, will my site look different when we move to Drupal?
Can we have our own installation of Drupal and then merge it with ISD's version?
If we have a Drupal expert in our department, can they work with you to improve our website?
In terms of search, will Drupal be an improvement?
Can we have search on an individual site?
What features will be available in Drupal?
Will there be a cost in moving to Drupal?
When will Silva be decommisioned?