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One-tap access to your timetable, email, the library and our learning environment (Moodle). Take a virtual tour. Discover what's on and how to get there. Opt-in to notifications about topics you find interesting. Get alerts about things you need to know. Get the most from your time at UCL. Get UCL Go. 


  • Timetable - access your timetable online.
  • One tap access - to your email, Moodle, the library and askUCL
  • Where to? - Find out where everything is at UCL like our libraries and cafés
  • One place - to start chat and ask questions about UCL, the library and IT
  • Stay in control - with the notifications you want
  • PC Availability - live availability of computers and workrooms across campus.
  • Study space availability - live info on free desk space in libraries and the Student centre
  • Laptop loans - up to date availability of laptops for student loan
  • TfL Information – Live information on cycle hire, tube status and bus arrival times using TFL data feeds
  • UCL Directory - the UCL phone directory

Notifications and Alerts

You can choose which notifications you get. Go to Settings > Alerts and select the hashtags that interest you. iPhone users must tap ‘Confirm’ to save their choice. Android users tap ‘Done’. Notifications will include the hashtag in the subject so you can understand why you received a particular message.  
We will also send important alerts via UCL Go, so you are encouraged to setup your phone to allow notifications from UCL Go.  

Frequently Answered Questions

I'm seeing some incorrect lectures or events in my timetable, what should I do?

Please delete and reinstall the app. If the events are still being listed please contact IT Services.

Device support including Huawei phones

We have had reports of problems running UCL Go on recent models of Huawei phones especially those purchased in China. This is due to restrictions imposed by the US government which forced Google to limit the access Huawei had to its services.

Until this problem is resolved we suggest that you use the browser on your phone to access the web version of UCL Go

The app can be used on any other fairly recent Android device or iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Any other smartphone with a browser, desktop or laptop computer can be used to access the Web version of UCL Go

Tiles are not loading, or the home page is blank

The app needs to load the first time you use it. It helps if you’re on Wi-Fi instead of using mobile data. If you’re still having problems, try the following steps:

1) Make sure the phone is up-to-date with the latest software updates from Apple or Google
2) Quit the app in the usual way on your phone by going to the app chooser and swiping it away.
3) Log out of the app and back in.
4) Delete and reinstall the app on your phone. If you’re still having problems, contact IT Services

How do I provide feedback?

There are "Feedback" buttons at the bottom of the pages or to to Settings>Feedback.

Why can I not see my Staff Personal timetable?

This application is designed for students and therefore only uses the data from student timetable records.

If you are both a student and a member of staff, you will only see your student timetable entries.

If you are a member of staff only, you will see an empty timetable.

UCL Go Accessibility Statement

UCL Go Data Privacy Notice


For help, support or to provide feedback please contact IT Services or use the Feedback feature in UCL Go