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A mobile app for student tasks

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UCL Go is an app for students to access UCL University and Union information directly from their mobile devices.


  • Timetable - access your timetable online.
  • Library Services – books on loan, renew books, search the catalogue and reserve books
  • Campus Maps - high resolution maps of the main Bloomsbury, Archway and Hampstead campuses
  • PC Availability - live availability of computers and workrooms across campus.
  • Study space availability - live info on free desk space in libraries and the Student centre
  • Laptop loans - up to date availability of laptops for student loan
  • News - Provides selectable RSS feeds of University and Union news and events.
  • TfL Information – Live information on cycle hire, tube status and bus arrival times using TFL data feeds
  • Staff Directory - the UCL phone directory
  • Key Info - Gives a host of information including contact details for Union clubs and societies, Union and University services, library opening times and lots more.

Frequently Answered Questions

Device support including Huawei phones

We have had reports of problems running UCL Go on recent models of Huawei phones especially those purchased in China. This is due to restrictions imposed by the US government which forced Google to limit the access Huawei had to its services.

Until this problem is resolved we suggest that you use the browser on your phone to access the web version of UCL Go

The app can be used on any other fairly recent Android device or iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Any other smartphone with a browser, desktop or laptop computer can be used to access the Web version of UCL Go

Why do I sometimes have to login twice?

The first time you run the application you can log in either as a ‘Guest’ or as a ‘University Member’ using your UCL username/password (NB. Make sure you use your username not your email address.)

If you log in as a ‘University Member’ (which we recommend) this information is stored within the app and presented to the Library and Timetable menu options when you use them so you do not have to login to these services.

If you login as ‘Guest’ you will be asked to enter your username/password every time you use the Library or Timetable

How to use UCL Go

The Android and Apple native apps have a slightly different interface. To see how to use the interface for your device go to:


  • Settings -> View Intro to App


  • Menu -> Settings -> Show Introduction Again
What happens when I change my UCL password?

When you first login to UCL Go as a ‘University Member’  you will be asked for your username and your new password. 

If you don't want to supply your username/password again, just close or dismiss the app without logging out.

If in the meantime you change your password you must log out and log in again with the new password otherwise the ’Timetable’ and ‘Library Systems’ menu options will not work.

Note that there is a delay between the password change being made and this being propagated to all systems. If your computer network logon password has been changed, then this will work on UCL Go!

How do I provide feedback?

This can be done in several ways.

We encourage users to Rate the App on the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Email Feedback on use of the application to UCLGo.

Use the in app feedback, Settings -> Send Feedback on iOS devices, menu icon -> Feedback on Android devices and the Feedback icon on the web interface to send feedback, report a problem or make a suggestion. If you report a problem please try and give some details.

Issues should be reported to IT Services.

Why can I not see my Staff Personal timetable?

This application is designed for students and therefore only uses the data from student timetable records.

If you are both a student and a member of staff, you will only see your student timetable entries.

If you are a member of staff only, you will see an empty timetable.

(The vendor supplies a similar application that is aimed at Staff which would provide access to staff focussed information. At present there are no plans to introduce this, but this will be reviewed if there is a requirement in the future.)

Why is my library information incorrect / missing?

If you have both a staff and student user ID, you may have 2 library records (even though only 1 of these is in use). As both user IDs have the same UCL Person Identifier (UPI), only 1 of these library records can be found by UCL GO! and this is what is shown. If this is not your primary library account, this can be changed by contacting the ISD IT Services.

If you have a staff library record only, this will be shown.

UCLGo Accessibility Statement