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User IDs & Passwords

On this page you will find help with managing your password and general help with managing your UCL online identity.
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Student and staff registration

New to UCL? Find out how to register for IT services

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Manage your UCL password using MyAccount

Learn how to manage your UCL password using MyAccount

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Identity services

Find out about society IDs, generic/shared role IDs and the UCL Directory.

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Resources for support staff

Resources for staff who perform IT functions for their departments.

Further help and resources 

Top queries

What is MyAccount

MyAccount is a web application that is used for changing your UCL password, registering your mobile phone or email address for password resets and finding out your user ID. Find out how to manage your password using MyAccount.

How can I change my password?

It depends. 

Can I change my user ID

Your user ID is automatically assigned to you and cannot be changed. It will remain the same even if you move departments or change your status (e.g. from student to staff).



Getting started with your user ID and password