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Print @ UCL is a sustainable and highly available print service that allows UCL's staff and students to print, copy, scan and fax quickly and easily across UCL.

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    Print @ UCL is UCL's preferred solution for printing, scanning and copying in all departments.

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    Print @ UCL - Guide to printing, scanning and copying (YouTube)

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    A quick guide to printing, scanning and copying using Print @ UCL devices in computer workrooms and libraries.

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    What is Print @ UCL?

    "A managed print service"

    “A sustainable and highly available print service that allows UCL’s staff and students to print, copy, scan and fax quickly and easily”

    • Managed and supported by ISD

    • Pro-active monitoring and consumables management

    • 6 different device types (MFDs to printers)

    • Devices available campus-wide for use by anyone on the service

    Why has UCL adopted a managed print solution?
    • The University currently consumes around 120,000,000 sheets of A4 paper each year and is committed to implementing policies that will reduce this figure
    • By introducing and following the policy outlined, UCL can potentially reduce it's CO2e by 206.3 tonnes per year*
    • Easy to use system
    • More functionality on MFD devices
    • Better security with secure release printing
    • Fewer models of MFDs and printers, simplifies purchasing of consumables
    • Accessible from multiple devices (Windows PC, Macs, laptops, tablets, phones)

    *As forecast in a recent audit conducted at UCL, May 2012 by WRAP

    How can my department join the Print @ UCL service?

    If you are interested in discovering more about the Print @ UCL service, the benefits it can bring and how to arrange for devices to be supplied to your department please contact your ISD Customer Relations Manager to discuss CRM email.

    What should I do if my printing job is damaged?

    If you suspect that there is a problem with an MFD or your output has been damaged, then please report it the ISD IT Services. You may be asked to take your damaged output to the ISD IT Services in the DMS Watson building to verify the damage.

    Note: For faulty/damaged prints/copies, values can only be re-credited to your account to the value of the damaged pages.

    How can I get the most from my printing credit?
    • Make sure you use print preview before sending your print job to the queue, the last page may have just have 1 or 2 lines of text on it but if you print it you will be charged for the full page. You can then try and adjust the margins of your document or the size of the font to try and fit all of the text onto as fewer sheets as possible.
    • If you do not want the whole document printed out use the options in the File > Print dialogue box to specify the pages that you want to print.
    • You can specify the pages you want printed by typing in the page numbers or choosing to only print a selection of text that you have highlighted.
    • Alternatively, you can try scaling the number of pages of your document you fit onto one sheet. For example you could fit 2 pages of A4 onto one page.
    Will my unused credit be carried over?

    The unused free credit is reset to £12 at the beginning of each academic year.

    Any unused credit that has been added by the user will carry over to the next academic year.

    What if I wish to purchase a printer or MFD that is not part of the Print @ UCL service?

    Further help

    Non-Print @ UCL printers/MFD’s 

    Please note: These devices are not supported by ISD