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Information for print reps

Role and responsibilities

Each device or group of devices will require the following personnel to be associated

  • Primary print representative
  • Secondary print representative
  • Paper orderer

If you are interested in becoming a print Rep then please contact the ISD IT Services.

Primary/secondary print representative

  • Accept consumable deliveries
  • Replace consumables
  • Liaise with support teams regarding status of consumables
  • Arrange used consumable recycling * (see recycling section)
  • Carry out basic troubleshooting when instructed by service provider
  • Be point of contact for hardware engineers attending site
  • Liaise with ISD IT Services/service provider to assist in closing incidents

Paper orderer

  • Order paper from ISD’s Print @ UCL account on UCL’s Finance System as and when required.

Device information and how to guides

Device types

Our service provider Xerox UK LTD have provided the flowing devices

MFD - Multi-Function Device (copy/print/scan & fax* where applicable)

Print - Print only

All devices are duplex capable

ModelTypeKey features
Workcentre 7830/55MFDColour, A3, Staple* where finisher unit is fitted
Workcentre 5845/5945MFDMono, A3
ColorQube 8900MFDColour, A4, Staple* (convenience stapler post output)
Phaser 3635MFDMono, A4, Staple* (convenience stapler post output)
Workcentre 3655MFDMono, A4, Staple* (convenience stapler post output)
Phaser 4600/4622PrintMono, A4
Phaser 3320PrintMono, A4

More information about these devices.

How to register your ID card with Print @ UCL

The first time you use the Print @ UCL service you will need to register your UCL ID card.

How to add the print queue to your computer

If you are using the “follow you” secure printing system (with your ID card) then follow the connection instructions for your operating system.

If you are using a print only device, a print queue name label should be attached on the front of the printer itself. Simply follow the same instructions as above, but enter the print queue name on the label instead of print-UCL.

Letterhead, label and card printing
Stapling a print job

Only the 7830/55 has the option of stapling automatically (if fitted with the optional finishing unit)

There are instructions on how to do this as part of How to customise your print output guide.


The defaults for scan to email are as follows

  • Black & White
  • Single sided
  • PDF (image only)
  • 300 dpi resolution

Instructions on how to change any of these features and how to scan


The defaults for scan to email are as follows

  • Black & White
  • Single sided

Instructions for changing these features and how to copy

Consumable replenishment

Depending on which device you are responsible for, there are a number of consumables that will need to be replenished at different times. The life of each consumable depends on usage. Toner and waste toner are the most commonly replaced consumables.

Every network connected Print @ UCL device is monitored by Xerox. These devices are constantly polled for status updates, which include supplies. When a device reports a consumable is running low (usually <30%) a ticket is automatically generated and assigned to a call handling agent in the Xerox offsite data centre, this agent will carry out the necessary calculations and checks. As a print rep you may be contacted by a Xerox call handling agent requesting information regarding the device(s)

Once the consumable has been identified as “required” the call handler will place this order which will be dispatched and delivered to your registered address. NB. If you are based in a multi departmental building your consumables can be identified as the serial and/or asset number will be printed on the picking note sticker.


Please note that staples are not automatically dispatched. If you require staples for your Print @ UCL device, contact the ISD IT Services quoting the asset number of the device.

Below are links to the Xerox support website which has detailed videos on how each consumable is replaced.









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Help & support

Reporting an issue (logging a call)

If an issue or fault develops with a Print @ UCL then please report this to the ISD IT Services

Every Print @ UCL device will have a green asset information sticker as shown below

Device asset label…

Please refrain from contacting members of support staff directly as this will bypass critical reporting tools and can even delay resolution.

The asset number must be quoted.

The ISD Services has the ability to remote connect to the print device in order to monitor the end user in assisting with issues.

Contacting the IT Services

Phone: Internal 25000 External 020 7679 5000

Email: IT Services

Further details about the IT Services.

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Moving a device

Please note all Print @ UCL devices are tied down to the network port they are plugged into, therefore if you wish to move a device you must contact the ISD IT Services with the following information:

1. Device Asset Number

2. Current location & network port number

3. Future location & network port number

You will be notified once the network port has been configured and a member of the Print @ UCL team will be in touch to arrange the physical move of the device.

Please do not attempt to move any device yourself as some devices can be easily damaged, our contractor Xerox have sole responsibility for all moves.

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Device alerts

As a print rep you will receive notification when a device you are responsible for falls into the following conditions:

  • Engineer dispatched
  • Consumable dispatched
  • Incident open/closed
  • Assistance required

In addition to the above, you can opt into receiving real time alerts from the devices you are responsible for the following:

  • Toner empty
  • Waste toner full
  • Paper empty
  • Paper Jam
  • Other consumables needing replacing

These alerts are very useful especially if you are responsible for device across multiple rooms/floors/sites. If you do wish to opt in, contact the ISD IT Services and provide the asset numbers of the devices along with a list of email addresses of users you wish to receive this information- it is a good idea to setup a mailing list for this.

Change of print reps

If you want to register yourself as a print rep or make ISD aware that you will no longer be a print rep, please contact the ISD IT Services and advise them of the situation including the Asset number of the devices.

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