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Information for Departmental Approvers of Visitors who want to use Print@UCL as a Guest

Information on how to approve a visitor to your department to user Print@UCL.

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If a visitor to your department requires access to print to a Print@UCL device then the approver in your department will be required to approve thier request.  The information below gives the process that needs to be followed.  If there is no one registered as an approver within your department then the Guest Print Approver Self Service form can be used to register.


  • Your visitor emails their document to mobileprint@ucl.ac.uk
  • The system generates an auto response asking the visitor if they wish to proceed with registering as a guest user or if they have a UCL account (2 options presented)
  • When guest is selected the system will:
    1. Ask the user to fill in a form detailing their name, email & approver’s name
    2. Once the visitor has submitted the form the approver will receive an automated email containing a link, click on it to take you to the approval page for your visitor’s account request:   
      guest print approcal portal dialouge box
    3. Click in the Expiry Date field and select an expiry date for this guest account.
    4. Click either Approve or Decline to progress the guest request.
    5. You will be shown a confirmation message of your decision. If you have decided to approve the guest request, your guest will be automatically emailed with login information and can then pick up their document at a guest MFD:
      Approval confirmation message
  • The account will now be created as a new local user in safecom
  • The user will be setup as a “Track” user and any print cost will automatically be charged to the approver's department.

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