Information Services Division


Print@UCL Charges for the 20/21 academic year

Information about changes to Print@UCL print charges from 1st August 2020

Print@UCL printing rates frozen for 2020/21

Students using the Print@UCL service on campus will pay the same rate as last year for 2020/21. And all students will receive £12 print credit at the start of the year. The full details of cost per page for colour and black and white printing can be found on the ISD website.

Message for staff

Print @UCL printing costs increased from the 1 August 2020. UCL has decided that the increase in costs will only apply to staff. Student printing costs will be the same as last year. All students will also continue to receive £12 print credit at the start of the academic year.

A full breakdown of the new costs applying to staff is shown below:

New Print@UCL click charges

*1 duplex print = 2 x click cost



Type of PrintingNew Click Cost
Staff A4 mono simplex£0.0348
Staff A4 mono duplex£0.0308*
Staff A4 colour simplex£0.0579
Staff A4 colour duplex£0.0539*
Staff A3 mono simplex£0.0427
Staff A3 mono duplex£0.0347*
Staff A3 colour simplex£0.0658
Staff A3 colour duplex£0.0578*
Student A4 mono simplex charge£0.05
Student A4 mono duplex charge£0.05
Student A4 colour simplex charge£0.25
Student A4 colour duplex charge£0.45
Student A3 mono simplex charge£0.15
Student A3 mono duplex charge£0.20
Student A3 colour simplex charge£0.50
Student A3 colour duplex charge£0.90