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How to get online at UCL. Wired and wireless access on campus and in Halls of Residence. Get information on desk, conference and mobile phone services, as well as tele/videoconferencing facilities at UCL.

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Wireless router

Wi-Fi (wireless) networks

There are three wireless internet services available at UCL – eduroam (for UCL staff, students and visitors from other eduroam participating institutions), govroam (for members of the UK public sector) and UCLGuest (for external guests visiting UCL).

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The UCL Remote Access VPN Service provides a resilient, secure means of accessing private UCL corporate central services from off-site locations.

Chinese student online with his classmates

China Connect

The service for students studying remotely in China to provide reliable access to teaching and learning resources. Bandwidth available for use on this service will be reduced on 15 November 2023.

Halls of residence building

Halls of Residence internet connections

Most halls rooms have Wi-Fi via eduroam, some still use wired connections. Find out about how to use the internet at your halls of residence.

Network switch

Wired networks

The UCL Network provides wired connections for 45,000+ devices with an individual point of presence for access to UCL Network services (e.g. web and email), JANET and the internet.

Analogue phone and smartphone

Telephony services

Information for staff on desk, conference and mobile phones as well as tele/videoconferencing facilities at UCL.