Information Services Division


Wi-Fi (Wireless Networks)

Information about the Wi-Fi services available to UCL staff and students, visitors from participating institutions or public sector organisations, and guests to UCL.

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eduroam logo

eduroam (for UCL staff & students)

Wi-Fi network available throughout UCL for students, staff and visitors from participating institutions.

govroam logo

Govroam (for public sector visitors)

Wi-Fi network available throughout UCL for members of the UK public sector.

UCLGuest logo

UCLGuest (for visitors to UCL)

UCLGuest is UCL’s Wi-Fi service designed to give external visitors internet access.

BT Wi-Fi logo

BT Wi-Fi

A service for UCL staff and students to use BT's public Wi-Fi network without a BT account.

image of laptop with IoT wifi logo

Internet of Things Wi-Fi

The IoT Wi-Fi service provides a means for customers to connect IoT devices using wireless externally to the internet.