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eduroam Wi-Fi at UCL

eduroam is a free wireless (Wi-Fi) service which is available throughout the UCL Campus and at participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). It is also available in Halls of Residence buildings.

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Connection guides for your device or operating system

eduroam is supported by Wi-Fi-enabled devices and operating systems, so please check out our connection guides to get eduroam set-up on your device.

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Need help or support?

If you are having any issues with using eduroam then you may find the following self-service resources useful:

If you are still having issues please contact the IT Services.

UCL Staff or Students visiting other institutions

If you are visiting another higher education institution which is one of the eduroam participating organisations then you should be able to use eduroam in the same was you do at UCL.

Visiting UCL from another institution using eduroam?

If your institution is one of the eduroam participating organisations then you may be able to use eduroam Wi-Fi when you visit UCL.

If your institution isn’t a participating organisation you will need to use the UCLGuest wireless service instead when visiting UCL.