Information Services Division


Staff or Students visiting UCL from other institutions using eduroam

When visiting UCL your credentials are forwarded on to your home institution for authentication. The method of authentication (e.g. EAP, PAP, MSCHAPv2) is what is supported by your home institution.

Support is provided by your home institution and not UCL!

Even though you are physically located here at UCL and connecting through the UCL Network infrastructure, any support routes at UCL (e.g ISD IT Services) will refer you to your home institution for support. 

As such we cannot support non-UCL visitors, but below is a useful list of tips & help:

1. Prior to visiting UCL you should check the JANET website to confirm your home institution supports authentication from external institutions participating in the JRS eduroam service. Furthermore, you should confirm you can connect to the eduroam service when physically located at your home institution prior to visiting UCL. 

2. Encryption: UCL supports Enterprise WPA1/ TKIP and Enterprise WPA2/ AES. 

3. User Name and Password: The domain name of your home institution must be specified when authenticating. This is to ensure your credentials are forwarded on to the correct institution e.g.[userid]@[domain] or  zcxxano@ucl.ac.uk

4. If all else fails, contact your IT support at your home institution - not UCL. In turn, they may contact UCL but this is the correct support route.

My institution does not support authentication from external institutions

If the institution you are visiting from does not support authentication from external institutions you will need to use the UCLGuest Wi-Fi service instead.

Please note in order to use UCLGuest you will need a sponsor at UCL who will be responsible for getting you a UCL user account; without this you will not be able to access the service.