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Everything you need to know about accessing and using central computing services whether you are on campus or working remotely.

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Remote access to Desktop @ UCL

Explore computer services

    remote access

    Remote working

    Working off-campus? We have services that allow you to access your desktop, files and UCL software applications and systems.

    Student using laptop in class

    Using IT services on your own or departmental device

    Guides for using our most popular IT services on your own or departmental (non-Desktop @ UCL) device.

    Student using laptop in student accommodation

    Student laptop loan scheme

    Don’t have access to a computer? Find out about the laptop loan scheme in place to help students who do not have their own computer.

    Staff computers

    Staff Computers

    How to use staff computers and purchase hardware.

    Disassembled laptop being repaired

    Staff laptop loans and repairs

    ISD has set up a laptop loan service to support UCL staff during the period of remote working. Repair of UCL devices can also be requested for pick up and delivery back to the user.

    Computers on campus…

    Computers on campus

    Where to find computers in computer workrooms, lecture theatres and kiosks and how to use them.

    Specialist Cloud Desktops

    Specialist Cloud Desktops

    Everything you need to know about Specialist Cloud Desktops.

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    Top queries 

    Can I save to the desktop?

    Yes your desktop files are stored on your N: Drive the full location is N:/Desktop Settings/Desktop/ where they will be backed up every night. It is also advisable to save your documents in more than one location. Other recommended places are:

    How can I scan my documents or devices for viruses?

    Desktop @ UCL uses FSecure to scan individual files, folders and drives for viruses and spyware.

    Where can I find a list of available applications on Desktop @ UCL?

    A complete list of available applications on Desktop @ UCL can be found via the links below. This will be updated as new applications or versions are made available.

    Where should I save my work?

    It is recommended that you save your work on Filestore @ UCL.

    You should save your work on the Filestore @ UCL N: drive, if it is for personal use, or the S: drive if it is to be shared with an existing department/shared group. The Filestore @ UCL drives provide the following benefits which make them more suitable storage areas then UBS memory sticks, or external hard disks:

    • The ability to recover deleted/overwritten data within 90 days.
    • Hourly and daily backups. 
    • Antivirus/malware protection. 

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