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UCL Application Store

The UCL Application Store gives you access to university software. AppsAnywhere, is a platform designed to make finding and accessing university software easy and flexible.

Getting started with the UCL Application Store

  1. If you are on a desktop@UCL computer you can click UCL Application Store desktop shortcut                                                                                                                       
    UCL Application Store Icon
  2. Alternatively, point your web browser to https://apps-store.ucl.ac.uk
  3. Click on UCL Login                                                                                                                                                                              
    Application Store Portal
  4. On a desktop@UCL computer, the AppsAnywhere software should already be installed. Choose ‘I have it already’.                      
    AppsAnywhere Popup
  5. The AppsAnywhere client will carry out a validation process, and you may see the following message to authorize the client software to run on the computer you are using. Tick "Always allow apps-store.ucl.ac.uk to open links of this type in the associated app". Click Open                                                                 
    Appsanywhere Authorisation
  6. The UCL Application Store will be displayed                                                                                                                                         
    AppAnywhere Storefront
  7. Use the search bar or click into View all apps to browse to find the software you want to use.
  8. Click on an app icon to see a description and availability information.
  9. Click Launch to Start an app.

Further information and video guides

What is AppsAnywhere?

AppsAnywhere is a leading software delivery and management platform developed and designed primarily for use in higher education institutions. It enables students and staff to access any software application on any device, anywhere, through a user-friendly portal that functions much like an app store. 

What is Cloudpaging?

Cloudpaging is a technology that enables apps to run on any Windows computer, without the need to fully download or install them. 

Cloudpaging Player is needed to launch these applications from AppsAnywhere.
Each ‘Cloudpaging’ app runs locally on your computer. They appear on the Start Menu and work the same as installed apps.

On a desktop@UCL computer Cloudpaging Player will automatically load each time you start your computer, so any apps you have launched from AppsAnywhere can be used again, without the need to login to the UCL Application Store portal. 
You will see the Cloudpaging Player icon in the Windows taskbar (a small blue cloud).

Video guides

Using the UCL Application Store


Favourites: How to add and remove favourites from the collection


Unavailable Applications: Self troubleshooting for applications which are not available


User Portal Preferences: How to customise your portal view


App Lists: How to create custom lists of applications and desktops


Troubleshoot Failed Validation: How to troubleshoot, should validation fail