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UCL Enabled Devices

UCL Enabled Devices is a service provided to users of UCL owned self-managed Windows computers. The page provides information regarding this service and how to use it.

What is UCL Enabled Devices

UCL Enabled devices is a device management service which configures your computer to provide ease of access to other UCL IT services. This service also provides us with the functionality to more easily support these devices, including conducting remote maintenance and remediating security concerns and protecting UCL data. This service is different to Desktop@UCL, a full comparison is detailed below. This service is only available for devices which have been purchased through UCL and not personally owned devices. This service is only available for Windows OS devices and not currently Mac, Android, Linux and other Operating Systems (note see our services page with details on how these can be accessed from non-windows devices). Full details of requirements below.

  • UCL purchased devices
  • Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 only
  • Windows Pro, Enterprise or Education editions only (cannot be Windows Home)

Enrolment to this service means that your device will be managed within the cloud based Microsoft Intune service providing ISD admins with the ability to remotely install applications and change configurations, administrative permissions to the device, perform actions such as restarting, wiping and locating devices, accessing certain information relating to the device and identifying and remediating security concerns such as viruses. Access to this is tightly controlled though and permissions are based on the role of the ISD admin. 

A list of all features is provided here. Further features will be provided in future as the service is developed.

  • Device Authentication - Once configured you will be able to log onto your device using your UCL credentials. This will mean single sign-on to device and other UCL services/applications.
  • Defender for Endpoint - Automatic configuration of Microsoft's security solution which will provide protection against malware and other threats and provide UCL with security oversight to protect their estate and data.
  • Email - Provide automatic configuration of outlook to UCL's email solution
  • Office 365 - As well as outlook provides automatic installation and licensing for the other core Office applications including Word, Excel, Teams, OneNote Access, Powerpoint and Publisher
  • VPN - Automatic configuration of the VPN client to provide access to certain UCL resources
  • Print@UCL - Automatic setup of the Print@UCL printer via the VPN
  • Enterprise Storage - Automatic access to the group folders on the S drive via the VPN

Comparison with Desktop@UCL

It's important to understand how this services differs from Desktop@UCL. Both services provide configuration and management of devices but their requirements, benefits and features provided are different. In summary though Desktop@UCL provides the most comprehensive service in terms of support, functionality and applications provided. UCL Enabled Devices only provides support for the services listed above. Below is a chart which summarises these differences to inform you of which you require. 

Note that even where certain aspects are not supported, this is just a guarantee under Desktop@UCL and like issues that you may have using your personally owned device for UCL purposes, we will still provide assistance where possible.

 Desktop@UCLUCL Enabled Devices
Complete device support and maintenanceYesNo
Partial and best effort device supportN/AYes
Remote supportYesYes
Device provided ready to useYesNo
We can fully reset device if requiredYesNo
UCL credentials loginYesYes
Single Sign-onYesYes
Full security malware and threat protectionYesYes
Access to core UCL services - Email, VPN, Eduroam, Central Filestore, Print@UCLYesYes
Software CenterYesNo
Same user settings (desktop, favourites, application settings etc) apply on any deviceYesNo
Encryption provided by defaultYesNo
Any Windows device can be usedNoYes
Device can be enrolled by the user from any locationNoYes
Owner has full control of device by defaultNoYes

How to join the service

A program is downloaded from this page and run from your device. If the device is new you will need to complete the initial setup and create a local account before joining to this service.

Part of the process your existing user account on the device will be linked to your UCL login, this means that if you have any existing files and settings such as desktop shortcuts, documents, favourites, application settings etc will apply to your UCL login after the device is joined. Your device must have internet connectivity when you run this procedure.

You should ensure that any files you have on your laptop are backed up to a secure location such as OneDrive.

If you have any issues please contact IT support for assistance - www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/help-support

Download the program here and please follow carefully these instructions.


Download this file to any location on your computer. You may need to trust the file in order to download it:


keep downloaded file

trust downloaded file

Double click on the file. A dialog box will appear explaining that the process will join your computer to Azure and confirming you wish to continue.

Enabled devices do you wish to continue

You will be asked to enter in your username. This will link your computer user account to your UCL account so that you will see any files and settings you might have on your computer when you log in with your UCL credentials after rebooting. This must be a valid username otherwise it will not proceed.

Enabled devices enter username

Another screen will appear asking if you wish to add a package, this is required to join your computer to Azure. Click Yes, Add it

Enabled devices add package

Please wait for a minute for the process to complete. If it was successful another dialog box will appear to indicate this, when you click OK your computer will automatically restart after a few seconds.

After restarting, please enter your UCL username in the format username@ucl.ac.uk in the login screen

Enabled devices login screen

You should now be able to log in (if you can't ensure that you are connected to the internet on the bottom right hand of the screen). You should also see any files in documents or the desktop that you had previously.