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Student laptop loan scheme

UCL endeavours to ensure all students are supported in terms of their technology needs while on campus or while learning remotely.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to unforeseen logistical issues, we are currently unable to offer long term laptops under this scheme.  You can however apply for a short-term laptop loan (you can find more info in the  ‘Laptop loans for other groups of students’ section below) or to the Financial Assistance Fund if you are in financial hardship.  We will update this page as soon as we can offer long term loans again.


Long term laptop loans for students from low income households in receipt of the UCL Undergraduate Bursary

2023/24: Undergraduate students who have a household income below £42,875 per year and in receipt of the UCL Undergraduate Bursary can apply to borrow a laptop from the university for the entire duration of their programme of study.

To apply for a long term laptop loan, eligible undergraduate students should complete the Student Laptop Loan Request Form. (Please login using your UCL credentials).

Postgraduate students and overseas students are not currently eligible for this scheme. 
Household income details will be checked by UCL after you have submitted the form. UCL uses the household income figure provided by your Regional Funding Authority (e.g. Student Finance England). Therefore, you must have applied for a household income assessment (even if you are not receiving a maintenance loan) before applying for a UCL long term laptop loan.

Once eligibility has been confirmed, ISD will arrange for the delivery of the laptop. Note: it is only possible to arrange courier dispatch to address locations within the UK

Laptop spec: Windows laptop with i5 Processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD drive

Laptop loans for other groups of students

Students who do not qualify for the long-term laptop loan can still receive support. There is a limited supply of laptops available with an initial maximum loan period of 6 months.

Students wanting to borrow a laptop should complete the request form. You will need to enter your UCL login details.

If you have any problems please contact the IT Services Desk itservices@ucl.ac.uk or by phone +44 (0)2076795000.

Criteria for laptop allocation
  1. The student should be domiciled in the UK or EU (we will not ship to countries outside of EU)
  2. The student should not have access to a personal laptop at the time of the request
  3. The student will need to explain why they cannot utilise the laptops provided as per the “Student loan lockers” service
  4. The initial loan will be for a duration of 1 month, after which it would need to be renewed.

The maximum period of loan under this scheme is 6 months.

Criteria for extending the laptop loan period
  1. The student does not have access to a personal laptop
  2. The student does not have means to buy a personal laptop
  3. The student is not able to use the “Student loan lockers” service
  4. If the loan is required for more than six months, students can apply to the Financial Assistance Fund for an income assessment. Once this assessment is completed a decision will be made on whether a long-term laptop loan can be offered.

Students can request a renewal by emailing IT Services Desk itservices@ucl.ac.uk or by phone +44 (0)2076795000 before the end of their current renewal.

Laptop loans on campus

The UCL Library has a laptop loan service available at a number of library sites. The laptops are held in locked cabinets and are provided fully charged.

Please check the Library laptop loans page for further details. Availability of laptops for loan on campus can be checked using the UCL-Go app.

Reporting lost or damaged laptops

If a laptop is lost or damaged beyond repair, students will be liable to pay the cost of the device at £666 inc VAT.

If the student is not able to pay the costs, they need to be referred to the Student Funding Office (Via the Financial Assistance Fund).

Terms and conditions of the laptop loan service

Terms and conditions of the laptop loan service

The following terms and conditions are in place for the use of the laptop loans service.

By accepting the loan laptop, I agree to abide by all the terms and conditions as set out below:

  1. The laptop remains the property of UCL
  2. I will return the laptop by the due time/date to ISD, and if necessary report any damage to the Library/Service Desk.
  3. I understand that it is not possible to extend the loan beyond a period of 6 months.
  4. I understand that this laptop is for my personal use only, and I will not borrow it on behalf of a friend or colleague, or use it for work which is not educational or personal in nature.
  5. I will not save files to the local computer and understand that any files saved elsewhere on the laptop could be lost.
  6. I understand that no third party software that is not included in the UCL software catalogue can be downloaded or installed onto this laptop.
  7. UCL is not responsible for any damage to the borrower’s data storage device(s), loss of data caused by software, hardware, battery failure or computer viruses.
  8. I understand that if the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged in my care, I am liable to pay repair/replacement costs up to £666. (UCL recommends that students add the laptop to their home insurance if possible to cover for any loss or damage.)
  9. Any software or hardware based issues should be reported to the ISD Service Desk itservices@ucl.ac.uk or by phoning +44 (0)20 7679 5000
  10. UCL reserves the right to terminate the loan if the student is found to be in breach of any of the conditions above.

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