Information Services Division


Educational Media

As part of the Digital Education team, we provide creative services: Audio and Video Production, Graphic Design, Digitisation. Poster Production and Photography, for use in teaching and learning. We manage and are responsible for the Imagestore, Lecturecast, Mediacentral services along with providing support for virtual event systems - Teams Live and Zoom Webinar.

What we offer

ioe media services

Media production and Live Streaming

We produce films to present the University’s teaching, research and PR activities to both local and global audiences. We specialise in producing material for education, teaching, research and the promotion of UCL.

Image of a lecturer sat in front of a bookcase being filmed using a DSLR camera

Educational media loan equipment

We are now operating a Media Equipment loan service for academic staff who need to use video equipment to produce audio or video content for their teaching and research.

Design services…

Design services

We specialise in providing materials used to educate, inform and persuade e.g. advertisements, flyers, brochures, annual reports, promotional and presentation material and similar.

A camera with the world reflected in the lens

Photographic services

Our in-house team are skilled at covering all aspects of UCL activities and working environments, including the digitisation of works of art, books, documents, objects and specimens. Learn more about UCL's Imagestore.

An image of poster artwork

UCL Print and Poster Production Service

Our print & lamination service is offered in print sizes A3 to oversize A0 and are of photographic quality. We also supply pull-up banners, display signage and wallpaper.

An illustration of an online event

Producing virtual events

We support both Teams Live and Zoom Webinar from a production perspective and can act as the host or producer to assist you when running a virtual event.