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UCL Print and Poster Service

The UCL Print and Academic / Research Poster service is provided by the UCL Educational Media team, Information Services Division (ISD). We are located In the Cruciform Building, on Huntley Street

We offer a full range of printing services and happily offer advice on your poster production or print project

 For information, help and advice contact the team via email at posters (at) ucl.ac.uk or phone on 020 3108 9347.

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Print and Poster Production Information

Our print studio is on campus and is centrally based within The Cruciform Building, Room G.08a, the entrance to this is on Huntley Street

To ensure we can print your poster in a timely manner please contact us by email. We recommend that users of our service always visit the Posters and Large Format Printing section of the UCL Creative Services website, which gives a definitive guide to all of our printing services. If you have any questions feel free to call us on 020 3108 9347 especially if you need advice on file preparation.

Printing Costs
For Posters and Large Format Printing costs, please visit the Poster Printing Charges section of the UCL Creative Services website.

NB: Please note, this gives a definitive guide to all of our academic and conference poster printing prices.

Bartlett Print Costs

Bartlett Print is a dedicated large format print and scan service, subsidised by The Bartlett, and run exclusively for Bartlett students, by UCL Educational Media. The printing costs for the Bartlett Print service, can all be found on the dedicated webpage here:

Bartlett Print
Before you start to produce your poster
  • For printing your poster, where possible, we always try to complete the work in 2 working days, however...
  • In peak times the number of days required to complete work could increase dramatically e.g., 4 to 5 working days. Therefore, please allow as much time as possible when submitting your poster to be printed.
  • If you require your print to be laminated, then you should always allow an extra 2 working days for production.
  • Please supply a high quality PDF along with your original file.  Posters are generally charged to your department, please check that this will be the case and ensure you have details of the person authorising IDT payment before submitting your poster.
  • See payment options below for further information.
  • We offer help and assistance in producing your poster, however please note, this is a bureau service and although we always check and anticipate for formatting errors, sometimes it is not possible to amend certain errors found.
  • To produce your poster we use Canon iPF8400, Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 and 4000S and a smaller Canon ImagePROGRAF 2000 Professional Photo Quality inkjet printers.
  • We can prints to 100cm wide.
  • All posters are printed on high quality semi-gloss 190gsm paper, or a lightweight, foldable fabric.
To help you UCL have produced poster templates, which you can find here: 

A selection of UCL Poster Templates can be accessed via the link. Please note: you are required to use your UCL login credentials to access these files, username and password. For a more comprehensive selection of poster templates and downloads, please select the link below:

For further information and advice, please visit the Posters and Large Format Printing section of the UCL Creative Services website.

    Requesting a poster

    There are a few fundamental processes you need to follow when requesting a poster to be printed. To help us help you, please send the following information with your email:

    • Your name & department.
    • The size you wish your poster to be printed, e.g. A0, A1, 900mm x 600mm etc.
    • The type of material, paper or foldable fabric.
    • The software program and the version (e.g. PowerPoint 2016, Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator etc.)
    • Also the computer platform you used to create the file, either Mac or PC.
    • State if lamination is required, and if it is required, please state whether you want a gloss or matte finish. Please allow an extra 2 working days for the lamination process.
    • Tell us the very latest date you can collect your poster.

    If paying by IDT (Inter-Departmental Transfer) we also need the following details - (please ask your department's admin for this information):

    • Department code: e.g., FJ8 (Educational Media)
    • Project code: e.g., 5xxxxx (6-digit number)
    • Task code: e.g., D-CON, D-OTH, D-TRA, 100 etc.
    • Award code / number: e.g., 156780 (6-digit number)
    • Name and email address of the IDT approver - (Please include / CC the IDT approver in your email when requesting a poster)
    Sending your completed poster file for printing:

    You can email us or bring your file in person on any form of memory device, alternatively send via email attachment (no greater than 10 MB). Email files to posters@ucl.ac.uk or if larger add your files to your OneDrive and share, alternatively use UCL Dropbox

    Payment options
    • The cost of your poster is generally covered by your UCL department or research group, all payments are made through UCL MyFinance via an Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT).
    • To process the payment, please supply the name and the contact details of the person / administrator who will be approving the IDT, without this, we cannot start the printing of your poster.
    • To smooth the process, we will raise the IDT in MyFinance, our details in MyFinance are Information Services Division and Elaine Hanna is the contact.
    • For external users of our service we can accept either credit or debit card payments.
    • Please note: For UCL staff and student we can also accept payment by credit or debit card. However, UCL Finance will not allow you to reclaim this as an expense and will only be taken on this understanding. No invoice will be issued.
    • All card payments incur the additional VAT cost.
    • Before collecting, it is always advisable to check with us that we have all the necessary information, as your poster cannot be released until we all have the correct payment information.

    NB: For debit and credit card payments, please note, any charges must be paid before any posters can be printed. Card payments can be made using one of the following methods:

    • In person at our Cruciform office. Our office address can be found on our Key Contacts webpage.
    • Over the telephone, by calling our poster service on 020 3108 9347 and providing your card details.


    Please note:  We cannot offer any refunds once a payment has been processed.

    Collecting Your Finished Poster Print

    When collecting your finished poster print from our office:

    Please check and make sure that everything on your poster is correct and as you expect e.g., colours, text, images, graphs, tables and diagrams etc.. 
    We cannot accept any responsibility or print your work again, if you later discover any errors or mistakes once you have paid, signed for and collected your work from our office.



    A quick checklist before you send your file for printing


    • Leave plenty of time to have your poster printed.
    • Accept what you see on screen does not always translate to paper.
    • So, where possible, always collect your work yourself, especially if you are on a deadline.
    • Do use high value dpi images (e.g. 100dpi at 1:1 final size).
    • Check your poster conforms to UCL Brand Guidelines & your conference specifications.
    • Do supply a high quality PDF along with your original file along with your PowerPoint file.
    • We normally print from the PDF so please ensure it is correct and compares to the original file you created.
    • Ensure you save your file in the program it was made in: e.g. Save PowerPoint files as . pptx, Illustrator as .ai  
    • Always leave a border of 1.5cm to allow space for trimming.


    • Don’t use transparency in PowerPoint.
    • Don’t use high contrasting gradients in PowerPoint.
    • Don't put the contents right to the edge of the poster (apart from the UCL banner).

    Please note:

    We reserve the right to refuse your request to print a poster or use our Poster and Large Format Printing service, should we deem this necessary.