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Live streaming from Zoom

Zoom allows you to live stream your event. You can do this via an external service such as YouTube or Facebook Live, or by using an internal UCL service such as Mediacentral.

If you need your live stream to be linked to a website and password protected or for a UCL audience only, this can be achieved using internal UCL services. Please contact the Educational Media team who are happy to help users with any live streaming enquiries.

Please see the following Zoom content (external site) for information on how to stream to YouTube or Facebook Live:

If you are planning to live stream your event, it's important to consider the following:

  • As an organiser you should discuss your plan to live stream with your presenters prior to the event, so that they are aware of the intent and any adjustments can be made in advance.
  • If you intend to include any video footage in your Zoom event and live stream this, ensure you have the correct permissions if streaming to YouTube or Facebook Live.
  • If you wish to have automatic captions for your event and are live streaming to YouTube, there is now a requirement of 10,000 subscribers to your channel for this to be done. An alternative option is to pay for manual captioning by a stenographer. UCL has a number of suppliers on MyFinance and although there is no current legal requirement to provide captions for a live event, it is best practice to do so for accessibility and inclusivity.