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Using audio correctly in a Zoom meeting

Using audio correctly in your meeting helps you to get the most out of it.

Joining a meeting

When you join a Zoom meeting you will be prompted to join the audio so that you can hear other attendees in the meeting. You can select call using internet audio or dial in. Select dial in if you want to use a standard phone line to call in to the meeting, otherwise select internet audio. If you always want to join using internet audio you can select automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting in your audio settings.

At UCL you will join a meeting muted by default, however the meeting organiser may have changed these settings when the meeting was set up.

It is a good idea to check your audio prior to joining your meeting, to ensure that you can resolve any issues ahead of time.

Starting and stopping your audio during your meeting

You can mute and unmute yourself at any time during your meeting. Select the mute/unmute microphone icon on the Zoom toolbar at the bottom of your screen. Alternatively you can toggle the space bar to mute/unmute yourself.

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