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Making the most of your Zoom meeting

There are of additional features that you can use within your Zoom meeting which allow you to make the most of your time. e.g. allowing easier collaboration or more effective meeting management.


The whiteboard feature allows all participants to collaborate together, like they would do in a face to face whiteboard session.

To use the whiteboard, simply click share on the meeting control bar within your meeting and then select whiteboard. You can type on the whiteboard or draw freehand.


Polling allows you ask questions to your attendees whilst in your meeting. Taking a poll can be easier and quicker than verbally asking a series of questions, especially if you have a lot of attendees in your meeting.

Each poll can have up to 10 questions and these can be binary or multiple choice. If you know what you are going to ask in advance of your meeting, you can set up your poll in advance. Otherwise, you can set this up in the meeting, though note this may be distracting or time consuming to do this whilst the meeting is running. If possible, try to set up your poll in advance.

Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms allow attendees of a meeting to split out in to a number of other separate virtual spaces within the meeting, just like you may separate into smaller groups in a face to face meeting.

Raise hand and other non-verbal feedback

Non-verbal feedback can be a good way of providing or exchanging quick pieces of information in a meeting, without interrupting the main speaker. The host can ask a quick question with a yes or no answer such as 'can everyone hear OK'. Attendees can also give feedback through emojis, raising their hand if they need to say something, or notifying that they need to take a break; this can be useful in long meetings.

The meeting chat can be used to have meeting discussion without interrupting the speaker. For example in a presentation you may have the host giving a presentation and another person answering questions that come up from the attendees. The chat can also be used to exchange information however note that file transfer in chat is disabled at UCL for security reasons.

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