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Using the Zoom meeting chat

The chat function in a Zoom meeting allows you to send messages to some, or all of the meeting attendees.

To use meeting chat, click on the chat icon on the meeting controls while in your meeting and type your message. Click on the dropdown to change the recipient from everyone in the meeting to a specific individual.

For more information, see the Zoom support pages about using in-meeting chat.

Please note that file transfers in the Zoom chat function are disabled at UCL for security purposes.

New chat experience

There are some new chat features which will help facilitate effective and efficient communication during online classes, group projects, and virtual meetings. Zoom has expanded the capabilities of in-meeting chat, enabling stronger communication and improving feature parity between in-meeting chat and Team Chat:

More Control Over Your Messages

As a meeting participant, you now have the functionality to delete your messages. You can now remove your messages and ensure that only the intended content is visible in the chat.

Enhanced Organization with Threads

With the new update, you can reply to specific messages in threads, making it easier to follow conversations and avoid confusion. Simply click on the "Reply" option to start a threaded discussion and streamline your communication.

Quote Messages

In the new meeting chat experience, you can quote messages, making it easier to refer back to important information, reply to specific points, or address queries in a more structured manner.

Rich Text Formatting Options

With the added rich text formatting options, you can now format your messages to make them stand out. You can use bold, italics, underlined text, and more to emphasize your points or highlight important information.

Embrace Emojis

With the new meeting chat experience, you can react to messages using a wide range of emojis. Show your agreement, appreciation, or simply add a bit of fun to the conversation with a variety of expressive icons at your disposal.

These enhancements will enhance your communication during Zoom meetings, making collaboration and learning even more interactive and engaging. We encourage you to explore these features and make the most of this new functionality. Happy chatting!

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