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Allowing authentication exceptions in Zoom

Hosts can now invite external speakers / guests to meetings that are secured with UCL authentication by setting them as an authentication exception.

The default, and most secure, security setting for a Zoom meeting is to allow only authenticated UCL users to join a meeting. If you have a small number of external guests you can now keep this security by adding them as an authentication exception.

Authentication exceptions are added when scheduling a meeting or by editing an existing meeting.

You can add authentication exceptions to a single meeting, all instances of a recurring meeting, or a single instance of a recurring meeting.

If using authentication exceptions with a single instance of a recurring meeting series, you must resend the authentication exception email to that participant for that edited occurrence. The link for this occurrence is unique to that edited occurrence and will not apply to other sessions in the series.

Please note: You can't add authentication exceptions to meetings that use your personal meeting ID. You must choose to generate a meeting ID automatically.

For instructions on how to add an authentication exception, please see the how to guide below.

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