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Staying safe on Zoom

To reduce the risk of uninvited or disruptive attendees at your events, please follow the guidance below.

If you share your meeting link on social media or other public forums it makes your event extremely public. Anyone with the link can join your meeting. Visit the Zoom website for more information on how to keep uninvited guests out of your meeting.

Don’t share your Personal Meeting ID on social media

To avoid uninvited guests joining your meeting, do not share your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) online.  Publishing your PMI allows access to current and future meetings without a passcode and is only intended for use by your close contacts.

Do use Zoom Webinar for large public events

If you need to host a large public-facing event, then holding a Webinar where participants have limited control might be the best option. If you are hosting a large event and need help choosing the right platform, visit our planning a virtual event page on the UCL Task Library.

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