Planning a Virtual Event

Virtual or online events are now a supported service for UCL staff. If you are planning a virtual event and would like to know more about the available platforms and how to access them, you can find the necessary information here.

Before you start

You’ll need to know:

  • who the target audience for the event is;
  • the purpose of the event;
  • how many attendees and panelists you're likely to have;
  • the date(s) of your event; and
  • the likely frequency of this event.

You should be aware of:

  • the platforms you can use to host an event (link to matrix);
  • the different roles in a virtual event – host, moderator, presenter;
  • the options for audience participation – Mentimeter, Sli.do, in-platform interaction;
  • the ways to promote/share an event – available CRMs, websites, social media; and
  • the ways your attendees can Register – Eventbrite, Gecko Forms, in-platform registration, data imports.
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2. I need a platform for a Meeting
3. I need a platform for a Virtual Event