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Adding and sharing pronouns in Zoom

Pronouns are how people refer to one another when not using their name. Using someone’s correct pronouns is akin to pronouncing their name correctly. This small but significant sign of respect goes a long way in creating an environment where everyone can show up, be seen, and addressed respectfully as who they are. Common examples of pronouns are he/him/his, she/her/hers, and they/them/theirs.

With the Pronouns feature in Zoom, you can add your pronouns directly to your user profile. At any point during a meeting or webinar, you can choose if you want to share or unshare your pronouns.

You have multiple options for how you wish to share your pronouns:

  • Always share in meetings and webinars
  • Ask every time after joining meetings or webinars
  • Do not share in meetings and webinars.

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