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Zoom Advanced Polling and Quizzes

Create Polls/Quizzes/advanced Polling and save them in your Zoom account Polls library. They can then be re-used for any scheduled meetings or webinars.

Prior to now, the Poll feature allowed you to create single choice or multiple-choice polling questions for a single event.

A new advanced polling features and quizzes has now been enabled for use with your UCL Zoom account. This new feature allows you to create Polls/Quizzes/advanced Polling. All of which can now be saved in your Zoom account Polls library and can be re-used for any scheduled meeting.

The advanced polling feature adds matching, ranked choice, short answer, and long answer options. Users can also set correct answers to have the poll function as a quiz.

How to access the Polls/Quizzes tab

  • Sign in to your UCL Zoom web portal.
  • In the navigation menu, click Meetings or Webinar.
  • Click the Polls/Quizzes tab.

Here you have the options to create Polls or Advanced Polls and Quizzes

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