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Screen sharing in a Zoom meeting

One of the most helpful features of an online meeting is the capability to share your screen.

Zoom allows you several options when sharing your screen:

  • sharing a single app or an entire screen
  • sharing a portion of your screen only (drag applications in to this area in order to share them)
  • share audio only; or
  • share content from a second camera, for example, printouts of paper documents.

When sharing your screen, what you are sharing will be highlighted in green.

Giving someone access to control your screen

If you are sharing your screen, you can give another attendee access to control your screen. They may also request access themselves, which you will need to approve. See further information from Zoom on giving and requesting control of your screen for how to do this.

Host controls for screen sharing

The host of the meeting can control what other users share within the meeting settings. They can:

  • restrict sharing to the host only
  • allow single or multiple attendees can share at any one time; or
  • specify who can start sharing when another person is already sharing (host only or all participants).

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