UCL Graduate degrees


Living costs

An indication of the costs associated with studying for a graduate taught programme at UCL is given below.

MRes programmes

 UK/EU studentsOverseas students
UCL tuition fees (2018/19 entry)£5,060– £15,940£19,580 – £29,260
Living costs*£13,520 – £20,280£13,520 – £20,280

Other Master's programmes (e.g. MA, MSc)

 UK/EU studentsOverseas students
UCL tuition fees (2018/19 entry)£8,160 – £28,270£14,790 – £45,250
Living costs*£13,520 – £20,280£13,520 – £20,280

* The figure given for living costs is intended as a guide and includes accommodation, food, travel and other day-to-day costs, all of which vary. The highest rate is based on an estimate of up to £390 per week for a 52-week academic year.

Further information on living costs when studying in London.