The IOE approach

At the IOE, we develop teachers who are phase and subject specialists, excelling in cutting-edge understanding and practice.

Teacher pointing at board with pen.

We are committed to supporting our student teachers to become deeply knowledgeable, creative, and fulfilled members of the teaching profession.

Our programme teams will support you with the skills you need from the moment you step into the classroom, but we know that learning to teach is much more than that – we’ll prepare you to build a fulfilling long-term career in education.

A gradual approach

Our unique gradual approach starts with teaching a few students, then a group, and then a whole class, until you have the skills and confidence to manage, guide and inspire the children and young people you teach.

Through this gradual introduction, we give you the time and space to be creative, to critically engage with research, to experiment, take risks, reflect and develop your own approach.

Supported every step of the way

By joining the IOE, you become part of an inclusive and caring community of academics, teacher educators and student teachers.

Every IOE PGCE student is supported by a personal tutor who shares your passion for your subject and phase. 

They visit you on placement and meet in person with you throughout the year. You will also have a placement-based mentor to guide and support you through each of your teaching placements.

Diversity of learning

We cover every phase of learning and more subjects than any other university.

Many of your sessions will be led by subject experts in subject-specialist cohort groups. We will model contemporary approaches to teaching and learning so that you experience the latest subject-specific methods and can embed them in your practice.

Learn to think differently

We support independent, free-thinking professionals, not beholden to any single pedagogy, approach or doctrine.

We teach you to engage critically with research and to embed enquiry into your practice so that you can make informed decisions throughout your teaching career.

Broaden your horizons

We provide the opportunity for you to learn to teach within diverse placements. These prepare you to make a positive difference to the lives of children, young people and adult learners, wherever you choose to teach after your PGCE.

We also encourage you to study with breadth and depth through two Masters’ level assignments – supporting you to engage in a wide range of ideas and insights from contexts beyond your own.