Applying for Graduate Taught Study at UCL

We know applying for courses can be daunting, so we’ve made this guide to help you through.

If you’re applying for Graduate Research Study, see our separate guide.

Before applying

Selecting your programme

Each prospectus page has information about a programme’s content, entry requirements and application deadlines.

Find more specific information about a programme’s content from that academic department’s website.

Not sure which programme to apply to or about life at UCL? 

Check the academic and English language entry requirements

You need to check you meet the minimum academic and English language entry requirements for the programme.

Entry requirements are clearly listed on each programme’s prospectus page.

Funding your studies

Carefully consider how you will fund your studies. This includes tuition fees and the day-to-day costs of being a student, and not forgetting that some programmes require a tuition fee deposit.

See our scholarship and funding pages to check if you are eligible for UCL funding. This is a separate application and different deadlines apply.

Check if you need a visa to study

If you are an international student, you might need a visa to study at UCL. Please check our immigration and visas pages for more information about applying for a visa to study.

Transferring to UCL

For graduate taught programmes at UCL, you may be able to transfer to a programme from another institution. 

For example, if a student has already completed accredited learning of a standard judged to be the same as the UCL programme. But, this is at the discretion of the relevant department. Departments consider this on a case-by-case basis.

You can read more information about the recognition of prior learning for transfer students in the UCL Academic Manual.

Contact Graduate Admissions about transferring into a specific graduate taught programme at UCL.

Preparing to apply

Check if your application requires references

The number of references needed to support your application can be found on the prospectus page for your programme.

Make sure you read about selecting your references to understand who to choose.

Finding out if you need to pay an application fee

Most graduate programmes require you to pay a non-refundable application fee. You will be asked to pay the application fee when you submit your application.

Deciding when to apply

Not all programmes have the same application deadline. You must however submit (and if applicable, pay your application fee) before 5pm (UK time) on the day of the application deadline. In most cases there is a different deadline depending on whether you will require a visa to study in the UK or not. Please check this carefully and do not apply after the stated deadline if you do require a visa. If you do apply after the deadline relevant to you, your application will not be considered. 

See your programme’s prospectus page for deadline information.

Getting your supporting documents ready

As part of your application, you must provide the following supporting documents:

  • Your official transcript. Please read our guide on getting your academic transcript. This explains exactly what UCL can and cannot accept. Sending documents that cannot be accepted will delay your application being processed.
  • A personal statement. Our personal statement guidance offers advice on writing an effective personal statement.
  • If you need a visa to study at UCL you will need to provide a copy of your current passport. If you do not have a valid passport, you can complete our Missing passport document and provide your passport later.
  • Some programmes require you to provide additional documents as part of your application. Full details can be found on our additional programme requirements page.
  • If you meet our English language requirements (using a UCL-recognised test), you should upload your official test report form or qualification. If you cannot provide this evidence when you submit your application, your application will still be considered.

Submitting your application

Applications should be submitted online.

Before you submit your application, please carefully check the information you have provided or uploaded. Once you have submitted your application, you can only update your name, contact details, referees’ details (if applicable) and passport details (if you require a visa).

You should make sure:

  • You have selected the correct programme of study
  • Your names are entered exactly as they appear in your passport
  • You have entered the correct details of your academic qualifications. These should match the information on your transcript.
  • You have uploaded the correct version of each of your supporting documents and your official transcripts clearly show:
    • your name
    • your institution
    • a list of your modules and any grades you have received.
  • You have provided accurate details of any work experience or previous employment you would like UCL to be aware of, either in the employment section or as part of your uploaded CV.
  • You have uploaded any compulsory supporting documents required for your course to proceed.
  • If applicable, you have entered your referee details correctly and have provided institutional or professional email addresses.

If you are unable to apply online due to accessibility reasons, please contact Graduate Admissions.

We advise that you add to your list of approved contacts so that you receive any correspondence sent by the Graduate Admissions Office.

Further information