What happens after you apply to UCL

We are very happy to hear that you have applied to UCL. We know that waiting for a decision can be nerve-wracking, so this information is about what happens next.

You can get access to your applicant portal

After you submit an application and (where applicable) you pay the application fee, we will check your application. Our validation checks can take up to 72 hours depending on which day you apply. 

Once these checks are complete we will send an email which will provide you with a link to access your applicant portal. 

Through your applicant portal you can:

  • update your contact details
  • resend reference requests, update your referees details or replace your referee. 
  • view the status of your application
  • view (but not amend) your application documents.

If you receive an offer, your applicant portal will also display details of your offer and what to do next.

If after 72 hours you have not yet received access to your applicant portal contact us, only if:

  • you have received confirmation emails that you submitted your application, and
  • where applicable, we have confirmed that we have received the application fee payment.

You must ensure you submit your references

This is only for applicants whose programme needs references.

We will not consider your application until we receive the required number of references. We may withdraw your application if the references are not received by the reference deadline.

You should contact your referees once you have submitted your application to let them know to expect reference requests from UCL. 

Through your applicant portal you will be able to:

  • resend reference requests, 
  • update your referees details, or 
  • replace a referee.

The reference portal link sent to your referee will only be active for 30 calendar days. If your referee does not provide a reference to you within this time you will need to resend the reference request from your applicant portal. 

Once you have resent the link your referee will have an extra 30 days to respond. You can resend the link as many times as you need to up until the reference deadline. 

It is your responsibility to ensure the submission of the required references in good time, and before the reference deadline

The Graduate Admissions Office is unable to:

  • resend reference requests on your behalf (you will need to wait until you receive access to your applicant portal)
  • accept references sent by email or post from the applicant
  • accept extra references
  • transfer references from a previous application
  • chase outstanding references on your behalf.

You should watch out for information requests

Once we receive your application, we will begin by checking that we have all the information we need to begin assessing your application. 

If we need anything else from you, we will contact you using the email address you supplied on your application form. 

If you need to update your email address you can do so on your applicant portal. 

You can't change some things on your application

You cannot change any documents in your application whilst it is being reviewed. 

Unless we ask you, do not send us extra documents such as:

  • updated transcripts, 
  • English language certificates, 
  • references, 
  • updated personal statements and CVs, or 
  • extracurricular certificates.

If you do, we will not add them to your application or use them to assess your application. 

If we need any extra documents to process your application, we will contact you by email and ask you to upload them to your Applicant Portal. 

If you receive an offer, we may ask for documents, such as updated transcripts or English language certificates.

Using our web form you can: 

  • update your name
  • update your passport details (for visas)
  • inform us if you incorrectly uploaded another persons documents, such as a transcript of a friend or sibling

On your applicant portal you can update:

  • your contact details 
  • your referees details (if applicable)

If you withdraw your application to submit a new version, we will not refund the application fee for your withdrawn application.

You can only submit up to two applications per admissions cycle. In this instance, both your withdrawn and new applications would use up your allowance.

You will receive your decision

When we make a decision, it will appear on your applicant portal.

Some academic departments may email you to inform you that they are recommending a certain decision to the Admissions Office. This is not a final decision and may be subject to change, depending on the final checks carried out by the Admissions Office.

If your applicant portal states:

  • Application under assessment, or
  • currently being processed by Admissions

These status' means that your application is still under consideration, and we do not currently have a decision to provide to you.

If you receive an offer your applicant portal will update to give you further details of the offer and what you need to do next. You may also want to read our offer holder webpages.

You should ensure that you read our guide to waiting for a decision.

Your application will not be reconsidered

Due to the competition for places, it is not possible to offer places to all applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements for a programme.

If you are unsuccessful, we will provide you with some feedback on your applicant portal.

Due a high number of applications we are unable to provide further feedback to applicants.

Applications are not reconsidered.

Further information