Getting your academic transcript

The academic transcript is a mandatory document for all applications.

What is an academic transcript?

An academic transcript is a list of the programmes you have been enrolled on and the grades that you have received during your programme of study. Some institutions may also list the credits for each module.

You must provide an official transcript from the Academic Registry or Student Records office at your institution. The transcript must be:

  • on institutional-headed paper; and
  • stamped and signed by the issuing office.

If your documents are not in English, you must also upload a full translation of each document – prepared by your university or a registered translator. You must not translate the documents yourself.

Applicants currently completing their studies

You will need to request an interim transcript from the academic registry or student records office at your university. The interim transcript should contain a list of the modules that you have been enrolled on and the grades that you have achieved so far.

Applicants completed and graduated from their studies

If you have completed your degree, the transcript provided should be your final official degree transcript detailing the modular marks obtained throughout your degree. It should also contain your final award grade and award/conferral date.

If your university does not provide an award date on the final transcript please also provide one of the following:

  • A degree certificate. (If you have studied in China you are also required to provide a graduation certificate.)
  • A provisional degree certificate. (For graduates of Indian institutions only within two years of completing your degree.)
  • An award letter from your Academic Registry. (Please check with your university to see if this is available to you.)
  • A statement of student status from your Academic Registry. (Please check with your university to see if this is available to you.)
  • Notification of results. (Graduates of Nigerian institutions only.)

For applicants who study at an affiliate institution but whose degree is awarded by another institution, all transcripts and proof of your final award grade and award/conferral date must come from the awarding institution – not the affiliate institute of study.

Things to note

  • Do not submit additional documents unless they are specifically requested. Admissions selectors will not use them when assessing your application unless they are required.
  • We do not accept letters of completion of studies unless they contain an award date.


UCL reserves the right to request further documentation if we are not satisfied that the documents provided meet our requirements. Where a final grade is not provided UCL Admissions will make a calculation based on the full transcript.

In the case of any discrepancy between a transcript-based calculation and any other documentation provided UCL reserves the right to uphold any decision made on our own assessment of the final results.