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Drupal CMS: how-to guides

Overview of all the how-to guides for Drupal CMS.

New Drupal site

Getting started in Drupal

Roles and publishing in Drupal

Adding new content items

Editing in Drupal

Password protection

Pulling in a file, UCL or third-party software

Menus in Drupal

Images in Drupal

  • add an image in Drupal
  • find an image in the Library in Drupal
  • resize an image for Drupal
  • upload several images at the same time in Drupal
  • add a site banner in Drupal
  • add a hero image in Drupal
  • create and insert an image gallery in Drupal
  • create and insert a slideshow in Drupal

Good practice in Drupal

  • which browsers are recommended
  • how to log in and out of Drupal
  • what to be aware of in Drupal
  • naming conventions in Drupal
  • learn about intranets in Drupal
  • review dates and how to set a new review date

Extra resources

  • resources for users editing or building in Drupal
  • terminology used around websites and in Drupal