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Drupal CMS: Insert columns

Learn to insert two or three columns in Drupal.

Before you start 

When editing use Chrome, Firefox or Safari but NOT Internet Explorer


To add two or three columns :

  1. Hit a couple of 'Enters' in the area where you want to place your 2-column / 3-column section
  2. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the section
  3. Click on the 'Indigo two columns / indigo three columns ' icon on the editing toolbar
  4. You will see the two or three new columns inserted with dashed, grey borders around the areas where you can insert text
  5. Click into the areas to enter content
  6. Change whatever else you need to change
  7. Save
  8. Finally, check you are happy with the result, including on a mobile device


You can also select a bit of text and then click the 'Indigo two columns / Indigo three columns icon. In this case, all editable areas of your 2-column section will contain the same text, which you can use as placeholders until you finalise the content.

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