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Drupal CMS: Editing toolbar

Learn about the editing toolbar in Drupal.

Before you start 

When editing use Chrome, Firefox or Safari but NOT Internet Explorer


On the editing toolbar, you find the icons to manipulate text: 

editing toolbar

It allows you to add heading styles as well:

Styles dropdown menu

Heading styles should always be used starting with the largest i.e. the Title (H1), to the smallest i.e. h6. 
On the styles menu you can choose from h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6.
People who listen to a web page rather than read need headings which is why they should always be used in the correct order, from larger to smaller.
People who read a web page tend to scan the page before they decide to read everything so they, too, need headings to help them scan faster!

You also use this toolbar to add a number of widgets, such as galleries, maps, videos, call-to-action boxes, columns, accordions etc.: 

editing toolbar

Please consult the list below for all the different types of edits you can perform and use their links for descriptions on how to use these.
If there is no link, it is because the feature doesn't require explanation. 

cut icon
Cut - this works the same way as in any editing program
paste icon
Paste - this works the same way as in any editing program
Copy icon
Copy - this works the same way as in any editing program
paste as plain text icon
Paste as plain text
paste from Word icon
Paste from Word
undo icon
Undo previous action(s)
redo icon
Redo previous action(s)
bold italic icon

Bold - don't make links bold and don't make too much text bold!

Italic - limit the amount you make italic - best to use it only for titles of publications

lists icon
Bulleted and numbered lists
Hyperlinks icon
hyperlinks, including email links and anchor links
anchor icon
horizontal line
Insert horizontal line


blockquote icon
Indigo blockquote
pullquote icon
Indigo pullquote
boxout icon
Insert boxout
code snippet icon
Insert Code Snippet
Accordion container icon
Accordion container - same link as 'Accordion item'
Accordion item icon
Accordion item
table icon
media browser icon
Media browser - add an image
Media browser - add a file
insert slideshow icon
Insert slideshow
insert gallery icon
Insert gallery
insert rss blog feed icon
Insert RSS blog feed
call to action icon
Call to Action button
donate button icon
Donate button
map token builder icon
Map token builder
social shares icon
Social shares
twitter feed icon
Twitter feed
columns icon
Indigo two or three columns 
indigo tabs icon
Indigo tabs
embed external widgets icon
Embed external widgets
embed funnelback feed icon
Embed funnelback feed


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