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Drupal CMS: Insert an image gallery

Learn to create and insert an image gallery in Drupal.

Before you start 

  • When editing use Chrome, Firefox or Safari but NOT Internet Explorer
  • Ensure the image is the right size. Guidance on image sizes can be found on the Resize an image how-to guide


Creating a Gallery or a Slideshow is a 2-step process:

  1. You create the Gallery and you add the images
  2. You place the Gallery where required


It is not possible to have an overlay with text for an image in galleries.

Step 1

  1. Place your cursor on the Content button in the horizontal menu along the top of your site 
  2. Mouse over the dropdown menu to Image Galleries | Add an Image Gallery
  3. Click on Add an Image Gallery
  4. Type in a suitable name - and remember it!
  5. Click on Browse to add the images
  6. Save

Step 2

  1. Place the cursor where you want to show the Image Gallery
  2. Click on the Insert gallery icon in the editing toolbar
  3. Start typing the label you gave the Image Gallery and click on it when it appears
  4. Click on next
  5. Click on embed - leave the menu option as 'default'
  6. The Image Gallery will now appear in large blue letters
  7. Change whatever else you need to change
  8. Save
  9. The gallery will ONLY appear once you've saved and users need to click on each image to enlarge it.
  10. Finally, check you are happy with the result, including on a mobile device

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