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Drupal CMS: Resize an image

Learn about resizing an image for Drupal.

You must ensure that your images have been optimised for the web and resized as JPGs or PNGs, before uploading to your website.

Image sizes

  • site banner: 1400 x 420 pixels
  • full-width image or carousel: min 1200 pixels wide (height will depend on your design – please check with your Senior Editor)
  • image gallery: 1000 pixels wide (height of images should be consistent – please check with your Senior Editor)
  • image for the UCL Public Event Calendar: 800 x 500 pixels or as close as possible to this width size on a ratio of 16:10.
  • all other images: 800 x 500 pixels

Remember to optimise your images by saving as JPGs or PNGs at 72dpi and at no higher than 80% quality.

Software for resizing an image

IrfanView is available on the UCL desktop for download. Once downloaded, you will see it is straightforward to resize an image:

1Open IrfanView and search for your image
Irfanview image
2Once found and opened, click on Image | Resize/Resample
Irfanview resize
3Complete the width in pixelsAs seen in the above image, 800 pixels width - the height is added automatically
4Click on OK 

    Apart from Irfanview, you can also use the following software for resizing e.g. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp, Paint etc. and Mac users who use the latest OS can resize on their desktop.

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