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Drupal CMS: Add a site banner

Learn to add a site banner in Drupal.

Before you start 

  • You need to be Site Owner or Web Content Manager to add a 'site banner'
  • When editing use Chrome, Firefox or Safari but NOT Internet Explorer
  • Ensure the image is the right size. Guidance on image sizes can be found on the Resize an image how-to guide


You may want to add a site banner - an image which appears at the top of the website and sits below the black bar at the top and 'behind the UCL' logo at the top e.g. on the Faculty of Brain Sciences site. This site banner will automatically be inherited by all pages on the site unless you untick the banner box on pages where you don't want it to be inherited, but note, there are some content types that won't inherit a banner e.g. ug/pg etc. courses, news, events, policy, case study.

If you decide you would like to add a site banner, make sure the top-right of the image - where the UCL logo will cover the banner image - is light in colour. If too dark, it will obscure the UCL logo!

The banner should be 1400 x 420 in pixels.

  1. The site banner can be set by hovering over the ‘Visual settings’ link in the top toolbar and clicking ‘Site banner’. The form enables you to upload a site banner image and to set the overlay text.

  2. Click ‘Save configuration’ to make your site banner live

Removing your site banner is done by removing the site banner image, removing any overlay text and clicking ‘Save configuration’. 

Instructions for setting a different banner on a page

A page automatically inherits the banner from the page above. If you don't want the page to inherit the banner, untick the box or browse for a different banner image

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