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Drupal CMS: Set up a new Drupal site

Learn about setting up a new site in Drupal.

This guide is aimed at

  • Staff
  • PG Students

Before you start 

You need to be a Senior Editor, Editor or Author
When editing use Chrome, Firefox or Safari but NOT Internet Explorer


These instructions are for users who have been given permission to set up a new website and have been emailed a link to their 'sandbox' site.

Setting up a site from scratch


Changing the URL of a site once is a time consuming and not fully supported service, so make sure everyone in your team has been consulted and has agreed on the domain name before you request  a new site. 
A domain name is the name that will appear after the forward slash in the main UCL URL e..g.  ucl.ac.uk/domain-name

  1. You have successfully requested a new website and have been provided with the sandbox site
  2. Once it's been agreed who the site Senior Editor should be, the sandbox lead should ask the Senior Editor to log into the site first. The sandbox lead should then request access for the Senior Editor by emailing web-support@ucl.ac.uk with the relevant URL and role
  3. Once you've received an email telling you that access has been granted, use any browser except Internet Explorer to log in
  4. Start by creating the homepage which will in most cases be a landing page - decide if you want the titles for teasers to be above or below the images
    1. example of a site with titles above the images - email web-support@ucl.ac.uk to ask for this - the background colour is dictated by the banner colour chosen
    2. example of a site with titles below the images - by default
  5. Continue creating landing pages and pages
  6. Email web-support@ucl.ac.uk once you know which page is going to be the homepage of the site - they will set the page as your homepage
  7. If you want to add news and / or events to the site, decide on which tags you'd need and email web-support@ucl.ac.uk to request a news and / or events feed to be set up - we will need to know which Faculty the site belongs to and which Org Unit (department).

Go live checklist

  1. Remember the difference between landing pages and detail or child pages!
  2. Once you have built your homepage, email web-support@ucl.ac.uk so that we can set it as your homepage. Only Digital Presence can do this.
  3. Whether you had Google Analytics (GA) on your site in Silva or have GA set up for your new site, please read our instructions on what to do
  4. Have News feed and tags been added - if relevant?

  5. Have Events feed been added - if relevant?

  6. Has password protection been added to the Intranet - if relevant?

  7. Have LDAP groups been added e.g. on intranet? An LDAP group is a group a user belongs to e.g. isd-staff, biosciences-ug, history-pg etc.

  8. Have you checked all the links are working correctly?

  9. Are you available to check the site once we've made it live? It's a good idea to have someone available so you don't end up with problems and no one available to solve them... .

Help and support



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