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Drupal CMS: Move menu items around on the menu

Learn to move menu items around on the menu in Drupal.

Before you start 

You need to be a Senior Editor - Editors and Authors cannot do this!
When editing use Chrome, Firefox or Safari but NOT Internet Explorer


You may want to move the order of menu items around or make a main page into a child page or vice versa.

  1. Ensure you are in editing mode
  2. Click on Structure | Menus | Main menu in the top toolbar
  3. Click on the four-headed arrow next to a menu item to drag the item up or down etc.
  4. Change as many items as you need to change
  5. Click the button 'Save configuration' at the bottom - failing to do this means you will lose your changes!
  6. Finally, check you are happy with the result, including on a mobile device

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