Climate Change


Generation One

Together we are Generation One. Turning science and ideas into climate action that will help us create a positive, fair and progressive future. For us and for generations to come. The time is now.

We will not be the last generation – but we will be the last to accept complacency when it comes to the realities of human impacts on earth. Because this isn’t the end of the climate story; it’s the start.

The start of viewing the earth as a fundamental part of ourselves, of acknowledging the climate emergency as something that is part of our own experience.  And it’s the start of changing the fact that those least responsible for the impact on our planet are the ones most impacted by the changes to it.

Together we are the new generation – the generation taking collective responsibility for our future climate. By turning science and ideas into climate action we are working towards a positive, fair and progressive future. For us and for the generations to come.  

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Explore the science and pledge your action

As Generation One, we are tackling the big climate questions of today and tomorrow - Providing the science behind the actions that we, our communities and our governments can take for a positive future.

Explore the science for the questions below and pledge your actions.

Pledge - Join a citizen science project and consult the Good Fish Guide

Pledge - Challenge yourself to lower your carbon footprint by 10%

Pledge - See the opportunity for solar panels on your home

Pledge - Join the Met Offices weather observation community in the UK

Pledge - Join a climate community group and access UCL Handbook

Pledge - Try to cycle a journey you normally drive

Pledge - Provide food for bumble bees

Pledge - Choose to cycle and walk more

Pledge - Join a community group working to tackle climate change

Pledge - Buy products made closer to home / Choose items with less packaging

Pledge - Write to your MP demanding faster action on climate change

Pledge - Have a look at the carbon footprint of your favourite foods

Pledge - Take part in UCL's big compost experiment

Pledge - Explore the water content of your food or clothes

Pledge - Weigh your local tree with Nasa and your smart phone 

Pledge - Attend a swap shop or visit a charity shop

Pledge - Keep your car tyres fully inflated to improve fuel efficiency

Pledge - Sign up to UCL's 1.5˚C Charter

Pledge - Ask your energy supplier to install a smart meter / Use a carbon intensity app to decide when to do your washing

Pledge - Search the internet with an ethical search engine like Ecosia / Give your email inbox a good clear-out



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Our research and latest news

Find out how UCL is developing the research and ideas to power a new era of climate action. Access our latest news and media coverage.

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Sustainable UCL

At UCL we believe that you can change what’s possible tomorrow, by making a change today. So we’re inviting you to take part in making a sustainable UCL possible.


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